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$100,000 Club
The Del Amo Leads Club business networking group is proud to be a top member of the los angeles region clubs generating over $100,000 in the calendar year. The list counts the highest number of panned out leads, outside leads and dollars passed between group members.

We came in at the number 2 spot out of 14 Leads Club chapters:

  1. Burbank $524,004
  2. Del Amo $463,703
  3. Rivera Village $440,620
  4. Calabasas $295,628
  5. Whittier $264,392
  6. Torrance $251,439
  7. Arcadia $248,318
  8. Glendora $234,889
  9. South Bay Lunch $228,427
  10. Rolling Hills $220,846
  11. Westside Women $159,078
  12. South Coast $131,129
  13. Pacific Coast $110,140
  14. Tarzana $101,249

Del Amo Leads Club generated the most panned out leads for all local South Bay chapters. Only one other networking club in Los Angeles generated more leads in 2008

  • More Qualified Leads
  • Better Networking
  • Increased Exposure
  • Successful Marketing

About Leads Club
Leads Club was founded in 1978 by Ali Lassen, and is currently under the leadership of Lisa Bentson. It waas the first and most respected networking organization in the world. There are many chapters across the United States & Australia.

Leads Club is open to business owners, professionals, sales people and managers seeking to begin or expand a business through quality business leads referrals. We serve businesses in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Redondo Beach in the Los Angeles South Bay region.

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