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How does Leads Club work?

Del Amo Leads Club meets weekly to exchange quality business leads. Members present a thirty second presentation about their business at the opening and closing of each meeting. Usually three members speak in more detail about their business each week. Leads are passed among members by way of Lead cards that refer a member to a potential customer.


Each member in our club fills an exclusive business category, thus eliminating any competition among members. Our club has many members from a variety of business categories.

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Who should join Leads Club?

Professionals, business owners, executives, managers and sales people all benefit from Leads Club membership.

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What is required to join the Leads Club?

  • Attendance at weekly meetings.
  • Payment of membership dues.
  • Use of ethical business practices.
  • Make business referrals to members.

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What are the benefits of Leads Club membership?

  • Leads Club members may use your products and services.
  • Leads Club members refer you to others who need your products and services.
  • You learn how to represent and promote your business more effectively.
  • Weekly meetings keep you in touch with your local business community

Connecting with a large network of success-oriented business people in your area for the purpose of exchanging business referrals. Representing and promoting your business specialty exclusively. Each business category is limited to one member, so there is no competition. You have a forum to promote your business economically, efficiently and effectively. Increased business and increased income once you have developed group confidence and support.

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Can I join more than one chapter?

Sorry, you can only join one chapter at a time. However, if you wish to transfer to another group, you may do so if it does not have a member in your business category.

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When and how did Leads Club start?

In 1978, Ali Lassen, a California businesswoman, held the first Leads Club meeting in Huntington Beach, California. Leads Club started from that one group and soon spread nationwide, then Internationally.

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Can I visit a Leads Club to see what it's like?

Yes, you can! You may attend two meetings as a welcome visitor, and fully participate in the meeting as a regular member would.

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Why is attendance recorded?

Recording attendance and enforcing attendance rules assures you that you are working with committed business professionals.

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Are there any benefits to staying in Leads Club?

Definitely! If you stay in for a full year, a one-time renewal fee of $30 enables you to pay only the monthly fees for the remaining time you stay in Leads Club.

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Can I change business categories?

Yes. If you change jobs, change business's or change the focus of your current business you may change categories within your club, if that category is open. Keep in mind that when you change categories, you may no longer represent your old category and your old category becomes available for any new or existing member.

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Who must approve my change in category?

The change must be approved by the Leadership Team and the Executive Director.

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Is there a charge to change categories?

No, but you must submit a new application.

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Where do my fees go?

Your fee's provide you with exclusive category representation within your chapter and help support your chapter. Del Amo Leads Club provides the process, tools, resources, administrative and support services required to help you and your chapter members generate quality referrals and business for each other. Your fees pay for the supplies you use each week in your meeting, training and communicating with the membership and Leadership Team as well as the Chapter Consultants, Regional Office and International Office that supports and grows your chapter.

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What is a sabbatical?

Up to a 3-month absence approved by the Executive Director for serious personal illness or injury or activities adversely affecting the chapter dynamics. Leads Club members on an approved sabbatical must pay 3 months of fees at the start of the sabbatical. Payment of fees during a sabbatical holds the position and category for you. Failure to pay your fees will result in your being dropped from your chapter for non payment of fees. A sabbatical can only be approved by the Executive Director.

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Can I be dropped from Leads Club?

Yes, you will forfeit your membership to Leads Clubs:

  • For failure to pay your fees at the first meeting of the month or fees and late charge by the second meeting of the month. (You are delinquent after the second meeting of the month.)
  • For failure to adhere to the terms of the member application/agreement.
  • For exceeding 12 absences in any 12 month period.
  • For writing bad checks to Leads Club or the restaurant/meeting place and failing pay those checks and fees when notified.
  • For representing or promoting anything other than the business category listed on your Member Application/Agreement.
  • For unethical business practices.
  • For activities that adversely affect the chapter dynamics.

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If I drop or am dropped from Leads Club will my unused fees be refunded?

No, all fees are non-refundable; according to the terms of the member application/agreement you signed when you joined Leads Club.

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If I drop from Leads Club can I rejoin in the future?

  • If you drop from your Leads Club chapter in Good Standing (with your fees current and 12 absences or less), you may be eligible to rejoin a Leads Club Chapter after a six month wait.
  • Applications for members wishing to rejoin a Leads Club Chapter must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director

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What happens if I write a bad check or my credit card is declined?

  • All fee payments are processed through the Leads Club California office.
  • If you write a bad check, you will be charged $15 plus the original amount of the check.
  • If you write two bad checks the Leads Club California office will no longer accept checks from you. You will be required to pay your fees via a credit card, money order or cashiers check.
  • If you present a credit card which is declined twice, you will be required to pay your fees with a money order or cashiers check.
  • If you fail to make good on a bad check within 30 days of notification you will be dropped from Leads Club.

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If I leave Leads Club can my membership be transferred to someone else?

No. Leads Club membership is for individuals and may not be sold or transferred to another individual. If you wish to have someone take your place when you leave your club, that individual must join Leads Club and pay the registration fee and monthly fees.

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What is the Leadership Team?

The Leadership team consists of three chapter members selected to host and run chapter meetings, the positions are, the Director, the Assistant Director and the Recorder.

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What is the length of service of a Chapter's Leadership Team?

Six months.

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Am I required to serve on my Chapter's Leadership Team?

No, but serving on the Leadership Team is a positive experience that improves your standing and recognition among the members of your chapter and your understanding of Leads Club.

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What kind of time commitment is required to serve on the a Chapter's Leadership Team?

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of each meeting. This will give you time prepare for the meeting with the team and greet visitors who often arrive early. You should also be prepared to remain up to 15 minutes after the meeting to review the meeting with your team and speak with visitors or members. Maintaining the chapter's paperwork and communicating with the regional office may require one hour or more per week outside of the chapter meeting. Maximum time spent on Leads activities is dependent on the size of your chapter.

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Do I need any training to serve on my Chapter's Leadership Team?

Yes, in Del Amo new six month terms for Leadership Teams begin March 1 and September 1. Leadership Team training is mandatory and must be completed before the start of your term.

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Can I bring a visitor to my chapter?

Yes. Introducing a visitor to Leads Club is the best way to grow your chapter. You are encouraged to bring visitors from businesses not currently represented in your chapter. There is a $5.00 advertising fee plus the room fee for your visitor. The $5.00 advertising fee entitles your visitor to give two 30 second promotionals, hand out their business cards and receive a visitor pack with information about joining Leads Club and your chapter.

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What if my visitors category is already represented in the chapter?

If the visitors category is currently represented in the chapter the visitor must come in as a "Silent Visitor". The Silent Visitor does not pay the $5.00 advertising fee, does not participate in promotionals, hand out their business cards or receive a complete visitor pack. The visitor may only observe the meeting activity. The host should introduce the visitor and explain that the visitor is just there to observe a Leads Club meeting. The visitor should be given a Leads Club brochure and should be advised to contact the Executive Director to locate a chapter with an opening for their category.

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How many times can the same visitor visit?

A visitor may visit the same Leads Club chapter twice. The Del Amo Leads Club waives the regular $5.00 advertising fee for visitors. The visitor may also visit more than one chapter, and the $5.00 advertising fee may be required by other chapters.

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Del Amo Leads Club generated the most panned out leads for all local South Bay chapters. Only one other networking club in Los Angeles generated more leads in 2021

  • More Qualified Leads
  • Increased Exposure
  • Successful Marketing
  • Professional Contacts

About Leads Club
Leads Club was founded in 1978 by Ali Lassen, and is currently under the leadership of Lisa Bentson. It waas the first and most respected networking organization in the world. There are many chapters across the United States & Australia.

Leads Club is open to business owners, professionals, sales people and managers seeking to begin or expand a business through quality business leads referrals. We serve the areas of Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Redondo Beach in the Los Angeles South Bay region.

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